51 Top Ideas For Wooden Bedroom Floor Design With Rustic Style

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Today, lots of urban homes have started adapting rustic styles in their home decor to lend a feeling of warmth and beauty to their homes. The use of rustic furniture and accessories is in greater vogue in contemporary homes than ever before and has been growing in greater demand in the modern times.

The main essence of rustic homes is the use of the right color scheme, fixtures, furniture items and lighting, which are inspired using traditional themes. Most of the people love designing their homes to give a rustic touch as it works out to be a cheaper option compared to other styles of decor.

Flooring in rustic style comprises mainly of wood, which may be made using oakwood, cherry, walnut and even chestwood. Some prefer natural tones of wood to the finished ones which are polished that actually depends on individual choice and preferences. However, if you are keen on giving a natural feel to your home, then you can use wood flooring, which is made using good quality timber with knotty surfaces. Besides, being sturdy and long lasting they can be used to give an element of warmth and coziness to the surroundings of the home.

Rustic furniture is available in trendy styles and designs, which can be used to add an extra element of texture to your homes. There are some nice varieties of rustic wood furniture, which are available in the market including polished ones in various designs.

It is always nice to add few pieces of rustic furniture to your living room so that they can get the main focus and attention of the viewers. To give an element of softness to this rustic look, add some lovely cushions and throw pillows to the furniture pieces, which can help in breaking the monotony and blend easily with the rest of the decor.

Bedrooms can be decorated using traditional canopy style beds with some nice embellishments and lattice work that can look lovely when used in the decor. You can use soft fabrics in light colors, which blends well with this unique style and adds to the attractiveness of this kind of decor. Even the dining rooms can have a rustic feel with the use of traditional porches, table settings, and patio furniture along with rustic style kitchens. Besides, rustic accessories like mirrors, decorative items, and rustic floor lamps add to the charm and beauty of rustic homes.

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