47 Relaxing Moroccan Rugs Design For Your Home

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The function of the carpet is not only to coat the floor, but also gives a warm feel, minimizing damage to furniture, a place to relax, to beautify the room. Its use is not limited to just a large room, a small room can also be expanded by adding carpets with certain tricks. No exception in the living room. When you want to have Moroccan rugs design for your home decor, you should know first how Moroccan rugs design is. Moroccan style architecture and interiors actually can express the history of various countries through the details, textures and geometries.

Specifically the interior style, the Moroccan style is influenced by various cultures and religions, can be clearly seen in both traditional and modern houses. Rich, luxurious and exotic, the Moroccan interior style has bold colors and shapes and is a favorite of many interior designers. The first impression presented at the house with a Moroccan design style is luxury and elegance. Moroccan style can not only be applied to the exterior of the house, but also can be applied to the interior of the house. One of them is by applying Moroccan rugs in the house.

You can use Motif Carpets to create homes with Moroccan designs. In this case of course you should be able to put a typical Moroccan patterned carpet in the living room. Use brightly colored carpet so the living room has a cheerful impression. If you are worried that it will look crowded, then you can mix and match furniture with a neutral color. This Moroccan style can make your living room look more charming. You can also put Moroccan Distinctive Lights.

This lamp is the most important element in the Moroccan design style. you can put decorative lights. Usually this decorative light has a hood that shows the shape with Arabic nuances. Decorative lighting can make your home more warm and quiet. But there is something different about typical Moroccan decorative lights, which are yellowish colored lights and dimmer light.
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