50 Pervect Window Nook Design Ideas To Get Cozy Space In Your Home

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Talk about the corner of the window of the house, of course you already know. However, the way how to design it maybe you don’t know before. Don’t ignore the corner of your home space. If left unchecked, the corner of the room will become a dead and neglected space. The effect, this space will affect the overall appearance of the room. There are many creative ways to maximize the angle of space to become more lifeless. The key is to creatively utilize the angle of the room and adapt it to the needs of the room. Here some consideration for your window nook design ideas are as follows:

Make the corner of the room as an area to hang a jacket, scarf, hat, and other accessories. Hangers can be chosen for its unique and attractive shape. When not functioned as a hanger, other functions such as a corner decorator can be created.

If the corner of your room has a wall width and a high window on one side, then arrange two armchairs plus a console table in between. Armchair is not massive so it will not cover the light coming from the window.

Corner of the room can be filled with shelves built in. These shelves can be filled with magazines, books or other knick knacks. For maximum functioning, adjust the height of the shelves to the reach of your hand.

Change the corner of the room in the family room into a bookshelf. Take advantage of blank walls by adding sticky shelves. Make sure this bookshelf is strong so that it can hold various kinds of book collections. By adding a standing lamp, the corner space can be changed as a comfortable reading angle.
That’s all that you can read to be your inspiration idea for your window nook.

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