45 Best Inspiring Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

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2 of 45

A rustic farmhouse kitchen style is never out of date. Additionally, bringing a country life to your cooking area is quite easy. The first thing you need to put into consideration when designing your kitchen with a rustic style is picking up the best wooden elements. Time-worn wood cabinets, wood ceiling beams, and wide wooden floor planks will help you to create a farmhouse style and bring your farmhouse kitchen close to nature. A rustic kitchen that features plenty of dark wood will also be a perfect choice to take if you want to add warmth to your cooking space.

Speaking about natural elements used in the rustic kitchen ideas, make sure to put elements of stone on your top list. Either it is simply covering the entire walls of the kitchen with huge tumbled river rocks or adding hints of stone in a fireplace, stones can be a wonderful feature to add to your farmhouse cooking area. Installing a flagstone floor in the kitchen will also be a great idea to balance the natural elements used, especially if you think that the all-in wooden kitchen seems like too much. As an alternative, you can also use other stone elements such as granite or quartz for the countertops. This will also allow you to add a luxurious touch to your farmhouse kitchen.

If the entirely rustic farmhouse kitchen is not your style, you can still embrace the rustic look in your modern cooking space by adding contemporary features to the area. You can use things such as shiny stainless steel, black walls, and white clean cabinets to decorate your kitchen. To crave some small elements of rustic style, you can combine the modern kitchen features with wooden stools and natural wood floors. Meanwhile, an amazing ladder used to hang pendant lights can be a fantastic focal point of your semi-modern farmhouse kitchen.

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