43 Pervect Apartment Design Plans Ideas

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The apartment is one of the best residential choices, especially for those who live in urban areas. Although the size is not as big as a house in general, but with the right interior design, the apartment can be a super comfortable residence. Storage of items, color selection, and also furniture selection are the keys to get around the limitations of the room and bring a sense of comfort. The following are some inspirations for the interior design of this super comfortable little apartment that you should know,

This beautiful red and white dominant interior apartment is one of the minimalist apartment designs that you can try to apply to your new apartment. The apartment is no more than 25 square meters in size and only consists of one room separated into a bedroom and living room. The barrier that had been in the form of a whole wall was changed and only the structure was left to create the impression of a more spacious room. in this way, the flow of natural light remains stable because the circulation is well maintained.

The second minimalist apartment design that you can know is the Swedish crib 21 square meter apartment design. This impression arises because around the room seemed not stuffy and crowded with various types of goods. The division of the room with a small corridor, the arrangement of furniture, and the placement of various goods are the main advantages of this design work.

The third design for an apartment that you can know is the Closet house. Although it looks simple, this luxury apartment design is equipped with a lot of sophisticated technology. This apartment is built from five main rooms, two of which can be raised in just one push of a button. In fact, the dividing wall of the room can be arranged and adjusted so that it can display different shapes of the room!

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