43 Attractive Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Spaces

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Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your house with your favorite industrial kitchen design. You can still have a gorgeous small kitchen with industrial style simply by embracing a rich mix of materials and put them in the right place with the right combination.

As storage always becomes the main issue in a small living space, using a mesh-fronted island bench can be a fun solution to take. Not only stylish, but it is also functional and allows you to create an open and contemporary cooking space.

A warehouse-style home is one of the kitchen design ideas you can apply to your small house. To get the industrial feel, you can use raw materials for the walls. You can pick up repurposed red bricks that combined with a speckled polished concrete floor to bring a traditional industrial look to your kitchen.

As an alternative, you can use powder-coated steel open shelves to create a cooking space with an industrial style. The furniture is also multifunctional and will solve the storage issue in your kitchen. To strengthen the industrial look in the space, you can pair the shelves with fluted glass bases. Cabinet hardware and black cylinder task lighting will be a great addition to the industrial-style kitchen.

As for the color, a small kitchen with an industrial style will look amazing in black-matte finished. Afraid of making the kitchen look smaller by painting it with dark color? Just don’t worry since LED strip lighting will solve the problem. You can use mirrored lamps to act as task lighting and LED strip lighting to create a subtle sheen to the kitchen’s cabinetry.

An eco-friendly industrial kitchen is now popular among interior designers. You can bring a natural look to your industrial cooking space by adding exposed timber beams combined with polished concrete flooring and white painted brick walls to the room.

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