42 Stunning Tween Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Raising twin girls that enter their teenage phase could be very challenging. When it comes to their shared-bedroom design, there will be a lot of things you should take into account.

This will help you to create a cozy room for both of them while showing your concern that they are different entities, no matter what. If you want to create a twin-girl bedroom that can grow with a person, smart storage with grown-up decor on display is the key factor. You can pick up a neutral palette paired with fun prints and high-quality bedding for your girls. As an alternative, you can consider using mixing bold prints with polished details within a tight color scheme.

If you invest one large for your twin girls to share, installing two queen-sized beds can be on the best bedroom decorating ideas you can try. To create a sweet look in the room and make it a cozy area for your teenage girls, you can incorporate boho elements with bright sheets, colorful pillows, rattan ottomans, and a large patterned rug. When designing a bedroom for your kids, make sure to let them have fun with accessories and artwork pieces.

Fun throw pillows, as well as a chic printed upholstered headboard, can be perfect materials added to your girl bedroom. Another thing you should keep in mind when decorating a bedroom for your twin girls is allowing them to have privacy. Install a little window seat in the corner to allow your girls to have some private moments between them.

Installing a patterned-wallpaper is one of the simplest bedroom decorating ideas to help you add color to your girls’ room. Pick up wallpapers with floral patterns and bright colors to make the room looks more cheerful. Make sure to free some space in the bedroom to allow your twin girls to put their hobbies on display.

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