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A beautiful living room is important to every home. Your living room is where your guests will spend the most time. So, it’s a representation of the owner of the home. Having a comely inspired living room will give the impression that you are welcoming and friendly.

One of the most popular design styles right now is Scandinavian aesthetic. While this style is very varied, at its essence Scandinavian is a clean and modern design that is comely and inviting. Here is how you can apply it to your living room.

One of the main characteristics of Scandinavian interior design is the down to earth atmosphere. A Scandinavian inspired living room uses wooden floors and furniture. Meanwhile, the color palette is cool and gentle. You will see a lot of grey, blue, and white. Vibrant colors are used, but in moderation, and only to add a unique and personal touch.

While grey, blue, and white may seem dull, in Scandinavian design they convey cleanliness and straightforwardness. They are usually mixed with the use of dark and natural timber. Wooden flooring in particular is a key Scandinavian design element.

Indeed, simplicity dominates the Scandinavian aesthetic. There is a minimal use of decorative furniture, only the most basic and conventional are present. A lot of surface and furniture are white which makes the room seem airy and bright. A fireplace usually is present in the Scandinavian inspired living room as it originates in the cold Northern Europe.

Wood is also a dominant element. This is because Scandinavia has many beautiful forests and wood is a traditional element in a Scandinavian home. Hardwood creates a warm and rich atmosphere. Moreover, it can also add a natural touch and a simple, borderline rustic flair. You should incorporate wood into your Scandinavian inspired living room.

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